Proof-Of-Purchase ID

At VortireVPN, we do not allow users to sign up with their Email Address to bolster security. We require a custom username that can only contain A-Z and 0-9. We did this to make the risk to our customers privacy as small as possible. If our services did get breached, no personally identifiable information can be stolen. No Email addresses, no plain-text passwords, no card information, etc...

Although this is a good practice, it can make resetting account information difficult since how do we prove who is the real account holder? We solved this by randomly generating a Proof-Of-Purchase ID (POPID) when you make a payment. This code is tied to your account and is sent within your PayPal receipt (which should have been sent to your PayPal-registered Email Address). This way we can verify the account holder as being the original person who made the purchase.

More information:

  • Every POPID is random and does not contain any information within it. It is a randomly generated piece of data.

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